Meet Jim. He’s like Bad Bad Leroy Brown but his name is Jim and he doesn’t gamble or kill people.

Jim Carruthers gives a sh*t. He cares about crafting food for you that doesn’t taste like chemicals or reek of high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, or red dye #40 to name a few. He cares about supporting the local community, too. He cares about having fun.

He got interested in cooking at a young age and ran with it. “His cheff-ness” as we sometimes call him creates interesting food that isn’t the normal bar food junk you might think a “tavern” would serve. It’s good! You either love it or you wish you’d brought your own.


And Jim supports causes like no one else. We’re partnered with places like Tri-State Pet Rescue, the Humane Society of Blue Ridge, Feed Fannin Food Bank and more. If you want to be a good human being, we recommend giving back to one of these or another local cause you can get into. If you show us your donation receipt, we will give you a free side item, too.

Some of our local farms that Jim likes to frequent are Bear Creek Cattle Company, Enchanted Springs Trout Farm, Blue Ridge Honey, and more.

Jim’s also our house rock-n-roller. He freakin’ loves the 1970s. So we play, you guessed it, 1970’s rock. Take it up with him if you have an issue. (Did we mention he’s like Bad, Bad Leroy Brown?)


4pm – 10pm 
*The kitchen closes two hours before the bar