Our food is not normal so read the menu carefully.  

For instance, our Reuben is an “Anti-Reuben” made with brisket and chipotle coleslaw instead of the usual pastrami you’re had a gazillion times. Trust us, it’s fabulous. 

We make our grinders with local dry-aged, grass-fed beef that we grind in house like the good Lord intended. We are serious about this cooking thing.

What makes our food different

100% scratch made to order • No freezers • No microwaves • All produce, beef, pork, trout & honey sourced within 22 miles of our location • No nitrites, hydrogenated oils, dyes or preservatives • House cured bacon • Fresh squeezed juices for cocktails • All regionally brewed beers on draft • Mexican coke available with REAL SUGAR • Overstocked items donated to a local food bank

We care about the environment, too:

Compostable to-go containers • High-efficiency lighting • Low-flow toilets • Eco-friendly cleansers • High-efficiency hand dryers • Phosphate free dishwashers • Paper, plastic & cardboard recycled • Organic materials composted or donated to farms • Recycled grocery bags used for to-go • Non-toxic vinegar based cleaning supplies 


4pm – 10pm 
*The kitchen closes two hours before the bar